Peer Mentoring

We are taking supporting each other in our exercise goals out to where it really counts — to each person, to each workout, to each fitness goal.  Accomplishing this will involve people willing to step up and help out people with their commitment to their exercise goals.  The great part of this is that we all help each other!  We do not need the wise sage to dispense advice to the newcomer.  What we need are people willing to put their butts on the line and help each other with our goals when our internal motivation is sputtering.

If you have ever done any coaching, teaching or volunteering, you know what comes from helping another person.  Coaching gives you the opportunity to hone and develop your own skills by finding a way to pass on what you already know.  When you go through the examination process of breaking down and explaining how you do what you do, you wind up thinking newly about what you do out of habit.  You get the opportunity to refine your process, evaluate your habits, and take on creating new ones … as you help someone else create their own habits.

For the person receiving coaching, you get the opportunity to learn from another person’s trial and error process.  You also get the chance to ask for and receive feedback on what you are doing, and how its working.  At the same time, you can help your mentor with the questions that you ask, and by being a grounding force and a reminder of why we set goals in the first place.  By engaging in your own struggle, you help your mentor remember the importance of what we do.

Each time any of us takes a step toward our goals, we carry the entire community forward.  There are not “leaders” and “followers”.  There is a group of us that succeeds together by taking steps towards our goals together.

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