Yoga Calm – Susan Winter

SusanWinterMy name is Susan Winter. I live in Sumner, WA and am happily married to Dave Breed, the love of my life.  We have two adorable four legged children.  Mac is our 80 pound exuberant 7 year old yellow lab; Latte is our 13 pound 17 year old chocolate Siamese cat. I teach in the Auburn School District at Mt. Baker Middle School teaching 6th grade language arts and an intervention class for at-risk students called Leadership. I have my Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education and my K-8 continuing teaching certificate in Washington State. I am a RYT 200 certified Yoga Calm teacher and trainer. I am the owner of the End Zone Academy, LLC, a company committed to preparing teens for the game of life.

Last fall I was introduced to Yoga Calm and it was love at first workshop. I took all four Yoga Calm workshops and had our Yoga Calm Certification done by December 4th. It was an exciting, crazy time. I began using the Yoga Calm activities at the End Zone Academy and in my Leadership classes. Last spring I co- presented at the WSCA 2012 conference for Yoga Calm and was asked to be one of the Seattle trainers for Yoga Calm. At that point, I decided that I needed more yoga training if I was going to teach adults Yoga Calm, so I got my Yoga Calm RYT 200 certificate.

The last year has been transformational. Getting my RYT certificate and learning how to teach yoga to adults has helped me connect with my body, be present in the “now”, and to truly be present with my students. This way of being “mirrored” what I was learning last year through my participation in Landmark Education, a company committed to transformational education and people living extraordinary lives. Between my Landmark Education classes and my Yoga Calm RYT 200 training, I was introduced to the idea of mindfulness and truly being in the “now”, the only time we really have. I’m learning to slow down, engage, and to observe life and others with less judgment. The practice of mindfulness has captured my heart. As a result, I’m currently having the best teaching year of my life. I’m teaching a bi-weekly yoga class at Mt. Baker for my staff, and I was asked to teach another weekly yoga class at my old elementary school in Auburn for the staff. The End Zone Academy continues to grow, and my Leadership classes are expanding.

My passion for teaching teens life-skills and connecting them to community service opportunities continues to grow. I am excited about my opportunity to train for Yoga Calm, and look forward to my next steps.


SusanYoga Calm

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