Embrace the Moon – Kimberly Ivy

Kimberly Ivy Kimberly Ivy began her training 35 years ago in Tucson, Arizona amidst the Yin & Yang of Desert Heat and Monsoons. Her life and training passion eventually carried her to the rain forests of Oregon, the sushi bars of Japan & the temples of China. In 1993 she settled in Seattle and while serving as a Barista, founded Embrace the Moon Taijiquan and Qigong, Inc.  Along the way Kim has become certified in several different Qigong forms and systems, and in 2006 was inducted as 20th Generation disciple of Chen Grandmaster Chen, Xiao Wang. In 2011 she formally tested with the International Wu Shu (Chinese Martial Arts) Association, Grandmaster Chen Xiao Wang and Chen Xiao Xing, and earned the rank of 6th Duan Wei. In March 2012, Kim was inducted into the first Martial Arts Woman’s Hall of Fame by the Association of Women Martial Artists. She is also certified in Hatha yoga, holds black belt rankings in Judo and Aikido and was a National Bronze Medal Winner at the 1997 “A Taste of China” in Yang Taijiquan forms. Kim is a current board member of the National Qigong Association and is on staff at SIOM College.

Kim loves to teach Taijiquan and Qigong and considers it her good fortune to have a wide range of students of all ages and fitness levels from children to athletes to those who have recently been diagnosed with a life changing illness. Kim approaches her relationships with her students collaboratively with fun and humor, and feels those qualities are as important to a good practice as are good form and energy.

Her Taijiquan Lineage is with Grand Master Chen, Xiao Wang, 19th Generation Standard Bearer of Chen Family Taijiquan. Kim was accepted among Grandmaster’s 20th Generation direct disciples in March of 2006 in a formal ceremony in Chenjiagou, the birthplace of Taijiquan. She has an ongoing and close relationship with the Chen Family; in addition to frequent training trips to China, she trains & hosts the family several times a year.

Kim’s Yang Taijiquan training is in the tradition of Yang Cheng-fu, with the late Jane Hallendar and Sam Masich as her primary teachers. Kim is certified by Dr. Gaspar Garcia and the European Luohan Gong Association in the Luohan Gong and her other Qigong lineages include Don Leathers in the tradition of Lily Sui, Chen, Hui Xian, for Soaring Crane, Essence & Turtle Longevity and Madame Liu He and Dr. Liu Dong for Jade Body & 1000 Hands Buddha and Madame Gao Fu in Hun Yuan Gong. Kim has developed several programs for those with special health concerns including Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s Disease in association with Swedish Medical Center, The Center for Comprehensive Care, the Aveda Corporation and the Northwest Institute of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, among others, and she maintains associations with hospitals, clinics, and individual health care professionals in the Seattle area. She also collaborated with Group Health on a National Institute of Health grant studying Taijiquan, massage, meditation, and back pain, writing and implementing the first protocol studying Taijiquan within this framework.

Kim runs a teacher training & development program at Embrace The Moon and all teachers at Embrace The Moon are certified and expertly trained in the methods they teach. Those that teach at the school are chosen by Ms. Ivy personally because they have the experience, skill and heart to steward their students through the breadth and depth of the practice experience.

Embrace the Moon Tai Chi

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