Mentoring Movement – Chris Uyyek

Greetings Everyone!

I’m Chris Uyyek, and I’m the voice behind Mentoring Movement.  For a little information about me, I manage my family’s business as wholesale distributors in the marine industry (which means I have a desk job).  My other part-time job is teaching horseback riding lessons to beginning and intermediate riders.  I have been married for over fifteen years, and have some awesome pets, but no children.

The idea for this community came out of my participation as a coach in Landmark Education’s Self Expression and Leadership Program.  In this program, we have each participant (including all course leaders and coaches) take on a project that is designed to create a new community.  For my project, I wanted to take on something in the world of exercise and fitness.  Like many others, I have started and stopped exercise plans over and over throughout my life.  Over the last six months or so leading up to my participating in the Self Expression and Leadership Program, I had let my fitness routine slide.  When I tried to re-start it, I wound up injuring myself, which kept me sidelined for most of those six months.  A recent check-up at the doctor’s office revealed that my blood pressure was climbing up into dangerous territory.  The doctor recommended that I finally get down to my correct body mass index, so that we can see if the high blood pressure is due to my weight and fitness level, or due to my body just having high blood pressure.

I took on my doctor’s challenge.  Since January 3, I re-made my diet first.  I cut out alcohol, soda, and overly processed food.  I eat mainly lean protiens, and lots of green leafy veggies, with limited amounts of fats, whole grain / high fiber carbohydrate sources (whole grain crackers, sweet potatoes, etc.), fruits, and coffee.  Every once in a while I enjoy a meal or two that has fried food, or higher fats or sugar, but when I say “every once in a while”, I mean I’ve only done it three times since January 3rd.  With this new eating plan, I have lost 12 pounds.

Now I’m taking on the exercise portion of the equasion.  I do well with fitness DVD’s, since going to the gym is enough of an excuse to stop me from working out.  I can pop in a DVD, bounce around, and get my workout done.  I want to get my body lean, toned, and physically capapble of meeting and exceeding the challenges I have in everyday life.  If I want to go hiking, I’ll be capable of hiking.  If I need to help a friend move, I will be able to carry boxes and furniture up and down stairs for however long it takes.

Creating this community has shown me the importance of exercise for myself and for others.  It has shown me that there is a need for support and recognition of the hard work you are putting in, day after day.  Finally, it has shown me that when you are taking on a goal as a part of a group, there is a much bigger reason to stick with what you committed to do.

In the blog section (“What’s New”), I will post some updates on how things are going, as well as more info what I’m doing.  Please feel free to comment, and let me know how you’d like to get involved.  If you would like to blog about your fitness journey and use that to inspire others, let me know and I will give you your own page on the site!

– Chris

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