How to Talk to Your Kids About Their Eating Habits: Very Carefully

I wish I had this approach when at ten years old I was told I was getting too fat, and needed to start watching what I ate. I have body image issues and struggles around food that are a part of my daily existence. Perhaps we could create a world where we can find a way to create new behaviors and results instead of desperately trying to avoid perceived “negative” outcomes.

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Weight is never an easy subject, but it can be especially dicey when parents broach the issue of eating habits and weight with their teens.

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What’s your if only? ….

Often we find ourselves wishing for that one thing that we think will make us happy. As if the getting of that would provide us all the happiness we’ve been looking for. I can be happy only if … my thighs don’t jiggle, my house is clean, my nose looked different, I were taller/shorter, I made as much money etc. We see those that have what we think we’re looking for … and on the outside they look happy and we believe that they have the “secret sauce” that would make us happy … If only …

But, the reality is that those people that have what you think you’re looking for are doing the same thing you are … loving themselves conditionally – they have their “if onlys” too.

It’s loving yourself unconditionally that breaks the “if only” cycle – and no, don’t add that to your list of “If onlys” 🙂