Dealing with Setbacks

This article speaks directly to what I’ve been dealing with lately, namely how do I deal with what I want to achieve, versus what I have actually been doing to achieve those goals?  I find I have been pushing the daily experience of life away.  I haven’t been able to be with how my body is, or the way my old habits reasserted themselves.  This has spilled over into not being able to be with the people around me … how they are, and how they aren’t.

I have decided to tackle this with baby steps.  I am focusing on one habit at a time, and being patient to watch the changes grow.

The Athletic Mind, Part 1: The Role of Perception in Athletics | Breaking Muscle



It’s all an adventure, by John Aske

It’s all an adventure, by John Aske.

I have been resisting where I am at in my life, and wishing I was somewhere else, with a different body, and different habits.  I need to start out with where I am and allow that in, first.