Some of the Barriers Boxers Encounter

Boxing, the sweet science,  is not just a sport.  Most Martial Arts practice movement sequences passed down through decades, which allows the individual practicing them to  enter the spiritual element contained within the repeated movement.  Boxing is also an ancient practice, but there are no ritualized movements to memorize.  Boxing is very fundamental.  You have six punches, get in the ring and see what you got.

The primary barrier a  Boxer encounters  is his or her self.  All of us are familiar with being our own worst enemy, to some extent.  But, a boxer must test his or her fundamental skills in the ring with hitting and being hit the purpose of the exchange.  Most of us are not very in touch with our instincts.  We tend to fight, flee and freeze, and mostly at inappropriate times for what is actually going on.  a Boxer is not different.  His / her instincts have been blunted by being raised in a fear-based society.  The beauty of boxing comes when an individual lets go of the fear and turns the fundamentals into a sweet flow of interaction.

How does this happen?  A Boxer systematically trains to convert fight, flee, freeze reactions into response.  However, some of the Reactions run deep, very deep, have been passed on through the family for decades.  But, so has boxing been passed on through the decades.  When we reach out to boxing for help facing our fears, we do learn to break through the barriers that have kept us back all our lives.

Boxing is not about being perfect or doing something correct, it is about facing fear, in whatever form that takes.  Taking on our fears with confidence allows us to break through barriers that keep us from having what we want.

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