What Does Getting in Shape Mean?

Getting in Shape is a phrase many of us are familiar with.  What does the phrase mean?

First, select the word Getting. Getting generally implies a future process.  We want to get something or we are in the process of getting something.

Second, take a few moments to see what the in shape part of the phrase means to you.  All of us see a picture of what we will look like, therefore have, when we do Get in Shape.  Some of the common pictures are:  six pack, slim waist and thighs, stronger pecs, – these pictures quickly lead us to visions of a better life.  A better life could entail better jobs, relationships, increase in financial security, less stress, on and on.

Cappy’s Boxing Gym understands these desires, visions, and also understands the kind of work it takes to get where we want to go.  Getting in Shape starts with the four Fitness Principals of Strength, Flexibility, Endurance and Mental Focus. Repetition and Practice is key.  We all are strong, but learning what kinds of strength to use in any given moment takes flexibility.  When you stretch the body you stretch the mind.  Endurance is tremendously important – change means we will experience the discomfort of allowing the suppressed Self to Express – thus “changing” our Shape.

Mental Focus is everything.  Getting in Shape does not necessarily mean we will become our picture of the perfect person.  We will only become more of who we are.  Therefore, Getting in Shape is a far more future reaching decision than we might at first think.

I encourage everyone to start with some form of Getting in Shape.  It is the beginning of your journey to the core of who you are.

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