Get Gritty to Get Busy!

I like watching TED Talks.  Friday’s talk was by Angela Lee Duckworth about how our previous predictors of a person’s success don’t work as well as we thought.  What really shows if a person is going to be successful and reach the goals the set for themselves is whether or not they’ve got grit.  What’s “grit”?  Think tenacious, stubborn, willing to try and fail, and try again.  That’s grit.

We used to think IQ, or SAT scores, or socio-economic status would predict a person’s level of success, but how many of us know smart people who haven’t done much with their lives?  How many of us know people who started out life with some adversity, but never gave up … and instead used that adversity to drive themselves to succeed.  That’s grit.

My goal is to bring grit to my fitness goals, and grit to developing this community.  What will you bring grit to in your life?



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