Leading Leads to Learning

I am leading this community not because I have the answers, and not because I have figured out how to have a consistent fitness routine, or how to stay on track with my diet.  In no way do I have that figured out yet.  I am leading this community because I allow myself to grow by honoring a committment to help others, and by doing so, learn from others as they grow.  I am leading this community since I am in the process of developing exercise as a habit, and I see plenty of other people going through my same struggle.  When I say struggle, I mean that some days I’m sticking with my commitment to eat a low-calorie diet of healthy food, get my exercise, and balance that with the other commitments in my life (like building this community) … and other days I eat the foods I know I’m not supposed to eat, I skip my workout when my back has such powerful spasms I have a hard time getting dressed, and I wonder how I’m ever going to stay consistent in making progress toward my goals.  When I get derailed from my goals, I wonder if I am setting a good enough example to be a leader.


There is a purpose behind every delay.


This community was born out of my participation as a coach in Landmark Education’s Self Expression and Leadership Program.  While I was coaching, I had the distinct privilege of helping people to unlock the potential they have in themselves that is aleady there, but don’t always see.  I got to lift them up, and see them as the transformed individuals they are … and are working to uncover.  There is a power that comes from having others in your life see you as already successful, and not paying heed to the part of you that wants to snuggle up on the couch in your jammies and live a small life.  This is what I see we can create with this community … a group of people that see each other as the successful, fit, healthy people that we are committed to being, even when we haven’t fully developed the habits that come with that way of being.

Developing the habits that come from a new way of being take time, and take choices … constant choice in the moment.  Do I continue to honor what I gave my word to by making a new (and not always comfortable) choice, or do I continue to do what is familiar?  We are pulled toward the familiar, but we get to really find out who we are when we honor our commitment, and from that make new choices that allow us to have entire new worlds open up for us.

I am privileged to have you as a part of this community, and welcome your input as we help each other develop the habits of a new way of being.


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