The Four Dimensions of Boxing

Boxing is known as the Sweet Science.  Not everyone knows that Boxing is more than a sport, and is more about learning how to face personal fear than about hitting and getting hit.

Boxing for Everyone is about getting in shape.  A Boxing Workout begins with Jumping Rope and progresses with different kinds of jumping drills, ab and core work, Shadowboxing and the most favorite, punching a Heavy Bag.  Great all body, cardio workout, AND you learn all boxing fundamentals.

Boxing is a Dialogue is about learning how to Spar.  When you don headgear and a mouthpiece, raise your gloves to cover your face, you will enter the ring of facing your fears.  Learning to Invite the Punch instead of Fight, Freeze or Flee is very powerful.

Live A Boxer’s Lifestyle is about applying what you have learned in the gym to everyday life.  We are constantly moving and interacting, even when sitting.  Through simple Awareness Drills, we can come to live life in a more engaged sense of mental, physical and emotional union.

And, the fourth dimension of Boxing is Mapping Adventures!  Boxing is all about Stories; everyone has Stories; when we tell the Stories differently we are changed; when we follow the Stories we fill in our own Map with newly found experience.

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