Newsflash: Spot Reduction/Spot Training Does NOT Work

It’s an easy diet / fitness pitfall … we think we can work on one area, and it will magically get thinner (thighs, butt, abs, etc.). We could start a huge revolution by focusing on getting our entire body fit enough to do what we need it to do, and still have some reserves left over.


Jane fondaI went through a brief period when I was about twenty-one when I committed to doing the Jane Fonda workout (!) every day (!!).  What I loved about Jane’s workout was the way it targeted all those “problem” areas–you know, the thighs, the waist.  Jane and I and all her workout friends in the video, with our big hair, eighties shiny spandex and leg warmers, blasted those areas with leg lift after leg lift and crunch after crunch.

Sometime between then and now it’s become common knowledge that spot reduction is a myth. There is even a Wikipedia entry on it.  In an inconclusive study in 2006  some scientists had male subjects do leg extensions for THIRTY minutes with the same leg. They found that the blood rushed to the active more than the resting leg (I’m no scientist but that doesn’t surprise me in the least), as well as…

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