Keeping Routine Interesting

Kauai BeckonsThis week I’m on vactaion in Hawaii (rough, yeah … I know), and I usually workout with a DVD.  In Settle, this keeps me cosistent with my fitness plan, since weather isn’t an issue unless a storm knocks over the light pole into my house.  I took my DVD workout with me on vacation so I could keep up with the strength training portion of the workout.  However, on Tuesday, Kauai had the weather that keeps it green — meaning it rained most of the morning — so I wound up using the DVD for my aerobic workout.  Today, this was my view out the front door.  With this calling, the DVD aerobic workout was shelved to enjoy this beauty.

Consistency with my workout routine has been fabulous, and keeping consistent while on vacation has been an added bonus.  At the same time, I’m also looking to see where opportunities like this arise, to enjoy my aerobics and the view, and make sure I jump on them.

What is your main form of exercise?  DVD fitness program?  Walking?  Running?  Biking?  What do you use as your alternate exercise to keep things interesting?

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