Pause is off … it’s time to Play!

I had to take a break from my exercise routine for two weeks.  It’s tough to exercise when you can’t breathe, so I gave my body the time it needed to tend to that very important prerequisite.  Now that I’ve got breathing back online, I re-started my exercise routine this morning.  For the first time, getting back to exercise was a relief.  I realized I miss it.  I love the feeling in my body after I have challenged it physically.

The real challenge has been being kind to myself about this time off.  There is still a part of me that wants to beat myself up for taking any time off, or question if I needed that much time off, or tell myself that I have lost the few gains I had made around getting my shoulder fit by taking this time off.  It’s exhausting, and really, more work than the work out.

What I am taking on is that I did what my body needed, and where I am at is exactly where I need to be.  In that space of grace, I get the opportunity to find the playful nature of exercise.  I get to have fun and realize that this really is all about play.

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