Listen First …

Today I skipped my morning workout for the first time.  I have a pretty impressive sinus infection going right now, and I chose to listen to my body.  This was a tough decision to make.  I have been sticking with an exercise routine with more consistencey, and longer than I have ever done since high school.  When I was younger, skipping a work out meant talking my parents out of taking me to the workout, which is trickier than just letting myself off the hook because I didn’t “feel like” working out.  Since I started this new program in February, I have worked out five or six days per week, every week.

Since I have a history of letting myself slide when I felt only a little “off” my top form, I had to ask myself if I should listen to what my body was telling me?  Would it be more important to keep my “streak” intact?  Was I just fooling myself and letting myself slide?  However, I had to note that when standing at the sink and getting light-headed, perhaps it was a sign I wasn’t up to “powering through” my workout.

I am learning to trust myself.  I am learning that when we stand in what the moment is giving us, instead of how the past has played out, it is much easier to deal with what is currently happening.  I am learning that it is just as important to listen to myself first, as well as to listen to others.  If I don’t listen, if I just put in the noise that comes from replaying past experiences, there is no way to be truly aware of what is really going on, and no possibility to make a decision I can trust.

How are you dealing with your “off” days?  Have you had any off days lately?  Are you listening to what your body is telling you?


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