It’s amazing how what we learn in our exercise routines transitions to the rest of our life, and what is going on in the rest of our life supports our fitness goals. I am now over 50 days into my exercise program, and I’m still doing workouts at least five days per week … sometimes six. I am learning that consistency can be its own goal. I am learning that “progress” might not be measured in pounds or inches lost, or the amount of weight I’m lifting, or the number of reps I’m doing. Progress can simply be measured in continuing to exercise as I condition my body and help it adjust to being more mobile.


I am also working to put together our launch event for the Mentoring Movement community. I have been tweeting, posting on Facebook, and sending out press releases, and so far I do not have any tickets purchased for the event. The “old me” would have tossed in the towel by now. I would have decided that there’s no point in continuing if people haven’t bought tickets yet. I have learned that I am not backing down from my committment to putting on this event, and I will make sure the word gets out. People will find out there is an opportunity in the Seattle area to have several experts on fitness and nutrition all in one convenient location where they can get the information they need to start on their fitness journey.

I will not give up. Success is only possible when I don’t quit.

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