Exercise: It just keeps going, and going…

Am I done yet? I’ve been at this for a month already. Shouldn’t I be able to put a check mark on this exercise task and call it ‘DONE’?

Yet, it doesn’t seem to work that way. I know what everybody tells me … exercise is a life-long journey. Seriously? That’s for other people. The die-hard, ultra marathoner, triathletes that have made exercise a part of who they are …

“A part of who they are …” Wait a minute. What’s happening here? I’ve made it past the 30-day mark. I didn’t quit. I didn’t quit even over the shift to Daylight Savings Time, which meant my morning workout time was an even earlier wake-up call. I managed to re-injure my shoulder not once, but twice while starting out. That STILL didn’t stop me.

So what’s happening? As a part of creating this community, and working to get as many people on this planet to start getting active, and create a support network for all of us getting started, I gave exercise a try, and wound up discovering my own relationship to fitness. Just like smiles, and sleep, and coffee, exercise is becoming a part of my day that I don’t want to do without. If I can feel this way about exercise, there just might be hope for us getting more people up and moving.

Do you relate? Have you found the exercise habit creeping up on you? I’d love to hear how your journey is going.

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