Progress is Rarely Linear

I’ve been cruising along with my workouts, adapting to make sure I let my shoulder heal while still working out the rest of my body.  This has been working quite well.  I’ve been going through a full range of motion with low weights, and have been able to add in a few more reps this past week.

Last night, an itchy shoulder blade brought this to a halt.  I had one of those, “Stop everything until I handle this itch,” moments.  Unfortunately, my “lizzard brain” (the part of the brain that is purely stimulus / response) reacted faster than my thinking brain (the smart part) could jump in with “NoNoNooo”.  I tried to scratch my left shoulder blade with my left arm and again felt that sharp “pop” of setback.

So, this morning, I went back to square one with modifying my exercises.  Back to just doing a limited version of yoga in the cardio workout, jumping jacks without the arms … you know, modifying.  I’m glad I’m sticking with my workout plan no matter what.  This is the first time I am proactively finding a way to build up strength around an injury while the injury heals, so that when it is healed up, the rest of the body will be strong enough to support that body part during the rehab process.

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