Results so far …

I’ve been exercising for over three weeks now, and I’m actually starting to notice some results already!

  1. Skipping my workout is unthinkable.  The switch to Daylight Savings time has been brutal.  I would be right on time with my day, if the clocks hadn’t been shoved forward an hour.  It’s crazy how well my body can keep time independent of what is displayed on that digital screen!  I am still doing my same routine, only I’m suddenly an hour too late.  Today I debated skipping my workout since I was running that hour behind, but I knew that the rest of my day could wait until I took care of myself first.
  2. My blood pressure numbers are trending downward.  I had started with my blood pressure in a zone (hovering around 140/90) where my doctor said, “Hmmm … let’s keep an eye on this.”  I’ve been taking blood pressure readings almost daily since I started exercising, and it’s now down in the 120/80 range around 70% of the time … which is way more often than it was before I started exercising.
  3. Some of the exercise is getting easier.  I can tell my body is starting to remember the word “flexibility” during the stretching sessions, and I can push it a little harder in some of the cardio exercises.  Instead of having to take it easy, I’m actually working up a sweat in my workouts.
  4. Clothes are starting to fit differently.  I bought some skinny jeans in a size 10 a couple months ago when I had re-gained some weight, and now the waist is getting loose.  I’m jazzed to see how my body will re-shape itself as I keep going with the workouts.

Are you starting to see some results from your exercise?  What one result is the one that revs you up the most to keep going?  I would love to hear what your fitness journey looks like.

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