Positive Goals Equal Positive Results

This is a great article on the use of positive language in goal setting.


In a recent discussion with a friend, I was asked about how I measure success with my clients – seen as it is well known that most individuals do not attain their desired results with personal trainers. Well the good news is, I can honestly say that I have had 95+% success with clients. Does that mean that all my clients have successfully lost weight? No. It means that I set my clients up for success. There is no room for failure.

How do I set my clients up for success? By giving them the tools that they need. By listening to their pains, needs, and desires. By asking questions – what has or has not worked in the past, what are the challenges and obstacles, what is the easiest, what is the scariest, etc.?

And among other strategies – success can be molded with appropriate goal setting.

Goal setting…

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