One percent per day …

I had a horseback riding instructor who used to love to say, “Don’t expect huge progress.  If you can get 1% improvement in a ride, after 100 rides, you’ll have 100% improvement.”  I like that attitude toward being patient and looking for the small bits of progress.

Today was my cardio and ab workout.  I was able to do the foot-work (jumping jacks, running in place, etc) without my calves wanting to go on strike.  It was refreshing to feel that there were areas that I could push myself a little harder and still stay injury free.

I am still adapting the workout to deal with my shoulder.  For the yoga portion, it just means I get to spend more time in plank instead of trying to go down into a push-up and do the vinyasa.  It means that when my shoulders are ready to tackle push-ups again, my back and abs will be ready for it, too.

If we look for each little pebble of progress, eventually we will have amassed a mountain of change.

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