Adaptation is Key

I am now on Day 10 of my DVD fitness plan.  Last year I tried an even more intense DVD program and had great results, but like most of us, I got busy and stopped for a while.  When I re-started, I managed to injure my left shoulder while doing push-ups.  I thought it was because I was trying to start back at the level I had left off, and was pushing out lots of push-ups with straight legs (not using the bent-knee technique).  So, when I started up my current DVD fitness program, I promised myself to take it easy.  Bent-knee push-ups all the way, take it easy on the amount of weight I was using, and so on.  I had learned from my experience.

On Monday, I was doing the strength-training circuit video, and I felt a sharp pain in my shoulder after doing the last set of push-ups, which included ones with a wide hand-position.  I figured I could rest it, and then on my next strength-training circuit two days later, take the intensity level down even more with the push-ups by using the bent-knee position on the stairs so that I am on an incline and lifting less of my body weight.  I also read a recommendation to avoid the wide hand position if it was bothering my shoulder.  Even this modification is bugging my shoulder.

What I am learning from this is that I need to listen to the strong messages my body is giving me, AND find a way to adapt so I can continue working out, while allowing my body to heal and to adjust.  I am not incapacitated, but I am aware that if I attempt to ignore this, I might have to stop working out altogether.  I am learning that I don’t have to do the exercises exactly as they do it on the DVD in order to “do the workout right” if I am not yet strong enough to do the full workout.  What is more important is to do what I can and get as much of the workout done as possible.  In time, I will build the fitness so I can do the whole workout and more!

Are you running into “just getting started” injuries?  Are you finding ways to listen to your body, respect what is going on, and still continue exercising?  How are you keeping going with your workouts?

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