This is a different take on helping you get started with your exercise. I’ve never seen a blog post with laundry tips! I’m going to try some of these.

Running Sole Girl

As we all know exercising isn’t pretty. With the sweat, matted down hair, and the locker rooms, but it’s worth it. So whether you’re just beginning to workout, or coming back from a long break, there’s a few things no one tells you. So whether you live at the gym or not you probably don’t know about all of these.

5 Things no One Says About Exercising

Tip #1 You’re probably going to need a new laundry schedule. Exercise means working up a good sweat, which is great for you mind and body (and according to some your skin). Meaning you’ll more than likely find out your old laundry schedule just doesn’t cut it anymore. So here are a few tips to help with that laundry.

Don’t toss sweaty, damp clothes in the hamper. Tossing sweaty clothes in the hamper is a recipe for mildew. There is already bacteria in…

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