Our Purpose

Right now the world pulls for people to not bother trying to get healthy … to stay on the couch and eat the unhealthy food advertised in media.  Yet there is plenty of information about ways to get moving, how much to exercise, and ways to improve your over-all health.  What is lacking are people coming together to support each other in creating exercise, fitness, and health as a life-long habit.  This community will create a space that pulls to view everyone as athletes, no matter what their level of participation.  We will create the opportunity for more people to experience the fun, energy, and well-being that comes from being in motion.

We will help people starting out get the tools, encouragement, and answers they need to get moving.  After that, we will continue to provide support through people who already have incorporated exercise as a life-long habit helping those who are just starting out.  Just by being accountable to each other, everyone can lift up their level of committment to their habits beyond what they would accomplish by trying to go it alone.

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